Cozoo Tourist Centre & Masterplan

Project Type: Cultural (Tourist Centre—Information Area, Offices, Staff Rooms, Storage Spaces and Restrooms)
Appointment: 2017 (Direct Commission)
Client: Evogma Group & Cozoo
Project Team: Kostas Grigoriadis, Li Zhang
Current Status: Built

The project is located in the Anhui province in southeast China and consists of a tourist information space, local craft display and storage area, staff rooms, restrooms and an observation deck. It was funded by a governmental scheme for the redevelopment of rural areas in China that is part of a national strategy to reverse urban migration. The main design objective was to integrate the building in the surrounding landscape both materially, as well as formally. The majority of materials, such as the cedar wood used for the facade ribs, were locally sourced and handcut to size and shape. On a formal level, two staircases placed at the building’s opposite ends allowed it to be continuous with the ground plane, while enabling continuous longitudinal movement over it.