Bartlet RC8 Research

Project Type: Teaching/Research
Project Location:
BPro AD Programme at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL
Project Year:
2015- Present
Teaching Team:
Kostas Grigoriadis, Martina Rosati (from 2019), Lizy Huyghe (from 2020)

The cluster’s main research focus is on multi-material design and the wider implications that the use of multi-materials will have on architecture and building construction. More specifically, the studio explores new procedures of designing and building with material gradients, aiming to rethink component-based assembly and the standard practice of twentieth century mechanical connnectivity. The first two cycles of this research agenda were targeted towards the rethinking of the building envelope, namely of curtain walling and its part based build-up. The corresponding design research projects investigated the use of robotic fabrication for the insitu 3D printing of building facades, and more importantly the fusion of metal and glass to generate component-less, materially continuous envelopes. Currently, the cluster is researching into the multi-material design of large span structures for transit hubs in London. In 2019-20 this was targeted to the Euston Station site and in 2020-21 to the main concourse roof in King’s Cross Station.